Recent media presence

I am very happy that our CHIIR paper "Break the Loop: Gender Imbalance in Music Recommenders" with Andrés Ferraro and Xavier Serra received a lot of media attention. It will take a while until I can integrate all the media articles (that I am aware of) in my website. Here some links (articles in various languages)...

CHIIR 2021 presentation: Break the Loop: Gender Imbalance in Music Recommenders

Andrés Ferraro will present our joint paper at CHIIR 2021. In the paper with the title "Break the Loop: Gender Imbalance in Music Recommenders", we investigate the imbalance in music recommendations with respect to the artists' gender. We propose a simple re-ranking approach to mitigate the problem and show in a simulation of feedback loops how the gender (im-)balances evolves over time. DOI of Paper: More

CHIIR 2020 tutorial paper on multi-method evaluation is online

While CHIIR 2020 had to be cancelled due to the current global situation with Covid-19, the paper accompanying the tutorial on multi-method evaluation (that I would have held there) is published. Bauer, Christine (2020). Multi-Method Evaluation: Leveraging Multiple Methods to Answer What You Were Looking For. Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retri...

Small task to prepare for my CHIIR 2020 tutorial on multi-method evaluation

Are you interested in attending my CHIIR 2020 tutorial on multi-method evaluation ("Leveraging multiple methods to answer what you were looking for")? Consider preparing a small (very small!) task for the tutorial. It will help you get the best out of it for your very own research project. I summarized the task on the multimethods.i...