Recent media presence

I am very happy that our CHIIR paper "Break the Loop: Gender Imbalance in Music Recommenders" with Andrés Ferraro and Xavier Serra received a lot of media attention. It will take a while until I can integrate all the media articles (that I am aware of) in my website. Here some links (articles in various languages)...

Guest in Austrian radio program “Mahlzeit Burgenland”

I had the honor being a guest at the Austrian radio program "Mahlzeit Burgenland". We talked about music recommenders, Austrian food, saxophones, the current Covid-19 situation, and many other things. Mahlzeit Burgenland: Christine Bauer und Krautfleckerl (in German) Currently the radio program is also available as More

Recording of panel on gender bias and discrimination in AI on YouTube

The recording of the panel on gender bias and discrimination in AI (in German) at the VUT Indie Days 2020 (as part of c/o pop xoxo) last week is now also available on YouTube.