PERSPECTIVES 2022: Perspectives on the evaluation of recommender systems


Evaluation of recommender systems is a central activity when developing recommender systems, both in industry and academia. The second edition of the PERSPECTIVES workshop held at RecSys 2022 brought together academia and industry to critically reflect on the evaluation of recommender systems. In the 2022 edition of PERSPECTIVES, we discussed problems and lessons learned, encouraged the exchange of the various perspectives on evaluation, and aimed to move the discourse forward within the community. We deliberately solicited papers reporting a reflection on problems regarding recommender systems evaluation and lessons learned. The workshop featured interactive parts with discussions in small groups as well as in the plenum, both on-site and online, and an industry keynote.

22 September 2022
Sheraton Grand Seattle

(2022). Second workshop: perspectives on the evaluation of recommender systems (PERSPECTIVES 2022). 16th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2022).

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Keynote by Kim Falk: What is the end goal and how do we evaluate it?