2nd Music Recommender Systems Workshop (MuRS 2024)


Music recommendation has been relevant to the RecSys community since the early days. With the growth of music streaming platforms in the last twenty years, algorithmic recommendations became critically important for the music industry. However, many challenges are still wide open in the area of music recommender systems. Such challenges are currently being addressed in diverse research communities beyond RecSys, and the Music Information Retrieval (MIR) community. However, today there is no forum where all these challenges are discussed jointly. The RecSys conference has traditionally not focused very much on music content understanding. On the other hand, while music content understanding is central to the MIR community, research on recommender systems is less present in MIR research compared to other topics. This leaves a research gap between the two communities. The Music Recommender Systems Workshop (MuRS) aims at bridging the existing gap between the diverse research communities focused on the specific challenges of music recommender systems. The workshop will provide a space for researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines to jointly discuss and exchange perspectives and solutions, and to promote discussion from both academia and industry upon future research directions in the area of music recommender systems. This workshop is timely in that it will provide a bridge between separate pockets of otherwise very related research.

14 October 2024 — 18 October 2024
Politecnico di Bari at University Campus