1st Workshop: Reflections on Recommender Systems Past, Present, and Future (INTROSPECTIVES 2024)


With the RecSys conference now turning 18 years old, the recommender systems (RS) discipline ventures into ‘adulthood’. This workshop serves as a platform for introspection, examining the evolution of RS from its origins in CHI to its current state heavily influenced by and focusing on machine learning. The organizers aim to foster discussions on the past, present, and future of the RS discipline, inviting the community to reflect on key questions such as the maturation of RS, shifts in research focus, and the impact and success of RS in practice. Topics include the changing landscape of RS problems, the evolving role of RS in addressing choice overload to the current motivations driving RS adoption. The workshop encourages open dialogue and critical reflection, bringing forth introspective questions to collaboratively explore the past, present, and future of RS as it transitions into adulthood.

14 October 2024 — 18 October 2024
Politecnico di Bari at University Campus