Looking at the FAccTs: exploring music industry professionals' perspectives on music streaming services and recommendations


Music recommender systems, commonly integrated into streaming services, help listeners find music. Previous research on such systems has focused on providing the best possible recommendations for these services’ consumers, as well as on fairness for artists who release their music on streaming services. While those insights are imperative, another group of stakeholders has been omitted so far: the many other professionals working in the music industry. They, too, are (in)directly affected by music streaming services. Therefore, this work explores the perspective of music industry professionals. We present a study that addresses the role of streaming services and recommender systems in their jobs. Results indicate this role is significant. Furthermore, participants feel that music recommender systems lack transparency and are insufficiently controllable, for both customers and artists. Finally, participants desire that music streaming services take charge of increasing recommendation diversity, and variety in consumers’ listening behavior and taste.

2nd International Conference of the ACM Greek SIGCHI Chapter