University Teaching

CourseNoteLevelLanguageInstitutionST 2008WT 2008/09ST 2009WT 2009/10ST 2010WT 2010/11ST 2011WT 2011/12SS 2012WT 2012/13ST 2013WT 2013/14ST 2014WT 2014/15ST 2015WT 2015/16ST 2016WT 2016/17WT 2017/18ST 2018ST 2019WT 2019/20ST 2020WT 2020/21SS 2001WT 2021/22ST 2022WT 2022/23ST 2023WT 2023/24ST 2024
ECTS per course per semesterTotal ECTS
Recommender Systems*M, PENPLUS33
Intelligent Interfaces*BDEPLUS33
Contextual Interaction DesignMENPLUS+FHS33
Advanced Contextual Interfaces+MENPLUS+FHS33
Advanced HCI Quantitative Research Methods*MENUU7.57.515
Adaptive Interactive Systems*MENUU7.57.515
Adaptive Interactive Systems+MENUU7.57.5
Mens, Maatschappij & ICT (Men, Society & ICT)BENUU7.57.5
Web Personalization+MENJU7.
SE in Intelligent Information Systems (seminar)+MENJKU33
Praktische Informatik 1 (Algorithms)+BDEJKU1.251.25
Digital Society SE (seminar)*MENIBK55
Digital Markets VU*MENIBK55
Digital Markets SE (seminar)*MENIBK55
Programming 1BDEVIE66
SCM / Industry 4.0MENTech55
Service Science*MENVIE448
Emerging Electronic BusinessMDEUzK66
Electronic Commerce **MDEDUK2.52.55
Corporate IT Case Studies (seminar)*BDEWU44412
Corporate IT II (E-Services)*BENWU448
Research Methods in Information Systems and Operations Management+BDEWU333312
Virtual Actors: Electronic Business Processes+BDEPOP1113
Process Engineering*XDEHBA44
B2B E-Commerce*BENWU44412
B2B E-Commerce*BDEWU444416
E-Services*B, MENWU444444428
Management Information Systems*MDEFFH4444319
Introduction to Programming (Practical Training in C++)BDEVIE6612
eBusiness in the Creative Industries*B, MDEVIE4444444444444452
Model Engineering#MDETUW33

* … entire course self-developed
+ … part of the course self-developed
# … I supported this course as a tutor

B … Bachelor
M … Master
P … PhD
X … Executive Education

DE … German
EN … English

DUK … Danube University Krems, Austria
FFH … Ferdinand Porsche FernFH Studiengänge (University of Applied Sciences), Vienna, Austria
FHS … FH Salzburg, Austria
HBA … Humboldt Business Academia, Vienna, Austria
IBK … University of Innsbruck, Austria
JKU … Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
JU … Jönköping University, Sweden
PLUS … Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Austria
POP … University of Popular Music and Music Business (Popakademie), Mannheim, Germany
Tech … University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Vienna, Austria
TUW … TU Wien, Vienna, Austria
UU … Utrecht University, The Netherlands
UzK … University of Cologne, Germany
VIE … University of Vienna, Austria
WU … WU Vienna, Austria

Summer Schools

  • 15th European Summer School on Information Retrieval (ESSIR 2024), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2024
    • Session on “How to do reviews"
  • ACM Summer School on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2023 Summer School), Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2023
    • Session on “Fairness"
    • Session on “Perspectives on Evaluation” with Martijn C. Willemsen
    • Session on “User-centered evaluation" with Martijn C. Willemsen
  • PhD School of the National Doctorate of Artificial Intelligence, Summer School 2022, Rome, Italy,
    • Sessions on “Recommender systems: evaluating comprehensively and assessing the impact”
  • ACM Summer School on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2019 Summer School), Gothenburg, Sweden
    • Session on “Answering the right questions: leveraging multiple methods to answer what you were looking for"
    • Session on “User-centric methods in researching and evaluating recommender systems" with Martijn C. Willemsen
    • Organization of multiple tutoring sessions throughout the summer school, in cooperation with Martijn C. Willemsen
    • Tutoring groups of students